Top 3 Berlin Attractions

Illuseum Berlin Entrance Ticket.

The Illuseum Berlin is a museum of light and sound located in the city center of Berlin. 

It is popular among tourists and locals and is perfect for visitors of all ages.

It features interactive exhibits and installations that explore the science and art of light and sound.

The Illuseum’s exhibits are interactive and immersive; they allow visitors to explore and discover the properties of light and sound through hands-on activities and displays.

These include a laser harp, a light graffiti wall, and a virtual reality experience. 

Don’t forget to check out the Vortex Tunnel; you’ll feel like you’re struggling through a rotating cylinder!

Next comes the Ames Room, where you can watch your loved ones shrink and grow suddenly!

At Illuseum, there are endless possibilities, so buy an entrance ticket and experience them all. 

Tickets include: 

  • Entrance ticket
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free cancellation
  • Reserve now & pay later

Tickets exclude:

  • Food and drinks

Meeting point:

The entrance of the museum at Illuseum Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 10178 Berlin

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Ticket Price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price ($)
Adult ticket (18 to 99 years)$26 
Child ticket (6 to 17 years)$8
Infant ticket (Up to 5 years)Free
Student with ID (Up to 99 years)$11

Things to remember:

You can choose between two ticket types; individual ticket(s) or a family ticket, which is valid for two adults and two children (6-17 years)

DDR Museum

Enjoy an in-depth look at East German motorbikes, restored and displayed at Berlin’s famous DDR Museum. 

Discover life in East Germany as you explore its carefully curated exhibitions with over 130 motorbikes.

See widely used two-wheelers like the “Schwalbe” and rarities like the Simson motorbike for the East German Ministry of the Interior escort. 

Some of these motorbikes are rare as Simson produced only 30 motorcycles!

Continue to admire the “Duo 4/1,” which was used solely by the IFA Directorate or the state insurance of the DDR.

At the DDR Museum, objects of East Germany’s post-war past come alive in a time capsule.

So don’t forget to enjoy its immersive experience with backgrounds on individual objects, atmospheric installations, historical photos and other memorabilia. 

Tickets include: 

  • DDR Museum Motorbike Exhibition entry ticket

Tickets exclude: 

  • Transport
  • food & drink

Meeting point:

You must exchange your voucher at the ticket desk before the tour begins.

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Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price ($)
Adult ticket (18 to 99 years)$9
Child ticket (up to 17 years)$6

Things to remember: 

  • View more than 130 authentic DDR motorbikes
  • Learn about the bikes with complementary text and photos
  • Get an insight into life in former East Germany
  • There are several stairs up to the main exhibition

Neues Museum Entry Ticket

At Neues Museum in Berlin, ancient art greets an audience eager to know more about ancient cultures and civilizations.

Experience exhibits from 3 collections: the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Prehistory and Early History, and the Antique Collection.

Get a unique insight into the development of prehistoric cultures from the Middle East to the Atlantic, from North Africa to Scandinavia.

See highlights like the famous bust of Nefertiti, the Green Head, and Priam’s Treasure from Heinrich Schliemann’s collection.

Discover a replica of an Egyptian sarcophagus, see the impressive Berlin Gold Hat, the statue of the Xanten Boy and one of the surviving statues of the Roman sun god Helios.

Tickets include: 

  • Entry ticket for the Neues Museum
  • Audio guide

Tickets exclude:

  • Transfers
  • Entry to other museums on Museum Island

Meeting Point: 

Visitors’ entrance of the James Simon Gallery, Bodestrasse, 10178 Berlin

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Ticket Price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price ($)
Adult ticket (18 to 99 years)$15
Child ticket (6 to 17 years)$0
Student with ID (Up to 99 years)$7

Things to remember:

  • You can stay in the museum for as long as you like
  • Discounted tickets are only available with the relevant ID
  • Backpacks are not allowed in the exhibition and there is limited locker and cloakroom space
  • The whole building is wheelchair accessible

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